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Disclaiming Accuracy of Information provided

content and information available on this site offered for informational purposes only, the site or content is not responsible for availability or accuracy or usefulness, and also not be responsible for any error or omissions in that information.

Creating an account:

1. By creating an account in www.suffics.com have only an access to read or placing orders or purchasing goods that are available in store, but he doesn’t have right to change or modify or delete or duplicate or replicate the same data on any other website.
2. In using the website you are responsible for protecting details provided like name, email, password, phone number, address. if you provide any wrong or incorrect, insufficient data we are procced through termination process mentioned next
3.Suffics has right to remove or terminate or modify the user’s account at any time without notifying the user
4.All the content that is available in www.suffics.com belongs to suffics Pvt Ltd but not to the users of site or visitor.
5.Products that are available in Suffics belong to Suffics or manufacture (copyright or trademark).
6.Products or content that are available in suffics is only for personal use not for reselling purposes if we(suffics) noticed any such actions your account was terminated and may face legal actions

Requirement for services usage

Use of this website is only for the peoples who have the age of 18 or more if you are a minor (below 18 years) you are not eligible to browse or creating the account or placing orders or purchasing goods according to Indian Contract Act, 1872. as a minor, if you wish to use services like browsing ordering must be done by guardian or parents of you. if you fail to follow these rules your account would be terminated according to our guidelines

more rules are updated soon